Dieting Around Your Bad Habits


Let’s be real – a bad habit does not easily break, and citizens should not have to practice a perfect lifestyle to lose weight. Here are five ways to make sure you lose weight in spite of a less-than-ideal routine.

Eating and Drinking Out

There are a wide range of available reads to help dieters eat out smarter, but here’s one you may not have heard lately – go pricey.
Sound counter-intuitive to think you can mind a diet plan easier at a once-a-month treat-style restaurant? Consider that the fancier the food, the smaller the portions. And that ridiculously expensive cheese-chocolate dessert platter selection may not look as agreeable to your wallet as a couple of diner ice cream cones.

The same applies to drinking. Try not to visit that bartender you know so well, who slips you a few extra draft beers for free. Take the scenic route, spend a buck on a couple of nice rounds, and depart for home early.

Watching TV

Overuse of television and video games is one of the common causes of obesity in the western world. While we can’t always break the habit of watching too much TV, some suggestions: Use the TV as a reward, DVR your favorite show and only allow yourself to watch it after a workout. Or, build an active day around your TV time. A family game of catch in the yard is a great way to count down an NFL kickoff.

Finally, remember that working out while watching TV is almost an art form by now!

Sleep and Inactivity

Some of us need more sleep than others – it’s a medical fact. However, the sleepyheads among us must deal with the psychology of guilt, always thinking they could have squeezed more out of their day.

In reality, there are many health benefits of deep, lengthy sleep and sleeping long hours is nothing to be ashamed of. Try working out with the thought that your muscle fatigue will make sleep even more pleasant. And eat lots of rice, fruit and vegetables – foods rich in nutrient that will not overtax your sleepy stomach.

Future Research Possibilities

Scientists are currently working on various new proteins and peptides that may help improve metabolism. IGF-1 LR3, a polypeptide developed by Nova Nordisk, could potentially have a stimulating effect on fat-burning. Scientific studies based on animal test subjects have shown that IGF-1 LR3 can increase muscle cells and help build new muscle tissue. This polypeptide is still under scientific research and has not yet been approved for human consumption by the FDA.



If you’re a smoker trying to quit, you actually have an advantage on most overweight dieters – you have sought out a pastime other than eating – even one that often requires you to step outdoors. However, you also have a bad habit you’d like to latest news at

Use your diet and your cutting-back-on-smoking tactics together to relax and decrease your caloric and tobacco intake. Enjoy a healthy dinner, throw your cigarettes under the rug and enjoy a mild pipe instead of dessert. With any luck, you’ll be eating less sweets – and not reaching for the cigarettes as often.

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