Make Your Hobbies a Weight-Loss Weapon

Weight-Loss Weapon

No matter what your favorite hobby happens to be, chances are you can turn it into a weight-loss weapon. And helpful products and community resources can help.

Sports & Games

Taking a well-earned weekly night out with the girls to play pool and darts? The activity certainly won’t hurt you, but excessive eating and drinking can! Sometimes, it’s the by-product of a hobby that can be the weight-loss killer.

Try your hand at serious competition. Say no to that after-hours restaurant splurge, you’re in the local ladies’ pool championship and need to practice a trick shot.

Softball is a popular participatory sport, but likewise the “party” attitude of many local adults’ leagues can make it feel like a walk in the park drinking beer. Try using the game as reason to exercise, try hard, and enjoy some sober camaraderie with your pals.


Ah, but how to turn a desk hobby like collecting coins or stamps into a trim-body tactic? Chances are, if you like to collect trading cards or comic books, you already find another way to release stress through exercise.

But there is no reason to gain weight while sifting through those Ebay ads for rare Buffalo nickels. Instead, try walking your way to more finds! In the suburbs, yard sales are the thing – often several in one neighborhood on a Saturday morning, making a browsing walk-through interesting and pleasant. In the city, try to attend traveling conventions such as Comic Con. If you canvass thoroughly you will have fun – and maybe feel a little winded.

Involve Your Kids

Kids tend to keep us on our toes, and on our best behavior. Instead of a day kicked back eating sandwiches and boating, take the family out fishing for bass on a nearby bank, where walking around is necessary. Instead of calling out for dinner, let your kids help make a healthy family dinner involving several courses. By the time you’re loading the dishwasher, you’ll feel better…and gain a little extra exercise.

Future Research Possibilities

One potential weight-loss product currently in development is CJC-1295, a peptide originally developed by ConjuChem Biotechnologies, which has been shown to naturally increase the release of growth hormone from the anterior pituitary. .

Weight-Loss Weapon

Scientific studies based on animal test subjects have been able to determine that CJC-1295 can induce increased amounts of HGH and IGF-1 in the body, leading to intense fat loss. The product is still under scientific research and has not been approved for human consumption by the FDA. You can learn more at


What if your days are spent slaving over antique lutes, or worse yet playing in a dingy bar & grill? Don’t want to go skipping in the park with your instrument like a hippie?

Go on long walks when you write. You’ll be joining illustrious company – Beethoven was known to walk in the country while he wrote his great symphonies. But remember, Ludwig didn’t have the advantage of headphones!

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