5 Products to Build a Weight-Loss Plan Around



Alright, we get it…Americans do not drink enough water. But regardless of the ongoing debate about how many gallons of water we should funnel down our bugles every day, many dieters would find themselves better hydrated by simply choosing water or a watery beverage when given a choice between those beverages and sugary ones.

For instance, wipe out post-fast food lethargy by having an unsweetened tea or water with your chicken sandwich and walnut salad. Grossed out drinking plain water with a heavy meal? Invest in some diet drink mixes and stir them in on the go. They’re getting tastier all the time!


The fabled martial-arts master Pai Mei was said to have lived for centuries without aging (or gaining weight), with a diet of only rice and natural food and drink. Unfortunately, the real-life effects of eating rice are much more subtle.

Experts agree that rice is a marvelous staple food in a healthy diet, since it provides energy and not fat. Whole grain rice is also packed with nutrients.


Many Americans think they consume more healthy seafood than they do, with occasional lavish trips to a favorite lobster restaurant or sushi bar, or crab legs and a martini on New Year’s Eve. But again, the key is choices – instead of having the occasional splurge, dieters should take the step of making one of the healthiest foods in nature to the shopping list as a staple.

Studies have shown that humans who consume more fish have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, and of course obesity. Careful, though – use moderation for “fatty” fish like tuna, trout or salmon.

Future Research Possibilities

In recent clinical tests, peptides have been shown to help eliminate unwanted fat. Ipamorelin , a penta-peptide hormone originally developed by Novo Nordisk is currently under scientific research which has demonstrated exceptional results. Scientific studies based on animal test subjects have shown that Ipamorelin is highly effective and may help increase bone mass while being relatively free of side effects. It is still under scientific study and has not yet approved for human use or consumption by the FDA.

A Bicycle

Annoyed with pesky Bicycle Guy, zipping across the road in front of your car? If he regularly cycles to and from work, recreation, market, and home, he is likely to be in better shape than you – and could be saving a lot of cash.


Every-day bicyclists save an average of thousands per year on car expenses and/or public transportation, according to recent studies. They are also less likely to suffer from poor health and high medical costs. View more weight loss tips at http://www.people.com/article/half-their-size-eve-guzman-weight-loss-bumps?xid=rss-fullcontent

Practice a little behaviorism on yourself and examine which household and garage items you most often buy. A weight-loss lifestyle can never be whole unless it affects how you spend your dollars!

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